About Us


You can return any unsold product at any time and we will give you a credit on your account for the full value of your return. You have to pay the shipping cost to return it though. We encourage you to return unsold product and never feel "stuck" with things you are not excited about having lingering in your store. Any defects or damaged product will be refunded for full value or replaced - whichever you prefer.


We highly encourage you to price our records competitively. A 33% mark up is recommended. The whole point of this distro is to provide you with interesting records you can fill your shop with that retail for $17 or under for single LPs and $24 and under for doubles. We once in awhile will carry something that is more expensive, if it is a specialty item or something we just could not resist having on our list, but overall we are dedicated to low price points and hope you will honor this in your shop.
Our recommended retail runs as follows. These recommended retail amounts include taking into consideration shipping costs

LP's that wholesale for $8 are recommend to sell for $12 - $13
LP's that wholesale for $9 are recommended to sell for $13 - $14
LPs' that wholesale for $10 are recommended to sell for $15 - $16
LP's that wholesale for $11 are recommended to sell for $16 - $17
LP's that wholesale for $12 are recommended to sell for $18
LP's that wholesale for $13 are recommended to sell for $20 - $21
LP's that wholesale for $14 are recommended to sell for $21
LP's that sell for $15 are recommend to sell for $23 - $24
LP's that sell for $16 are recommended to sell for $24
Tapes that wholesale for $4 are recommended to sell for $6


We ship everything domestic by USPS Media mail - the cheapest way to send stuff. We do not charge any boxing fee - just the straight cost of the shipping itself. We use double boxing for everything and will refund or replace any damaged goods without question.
International orders will be shipped via the method you prefer.


The vast majority of Mississippi releases and distributed titles are not shrink wrapped. Shrink wrap is a stupid and evil invention and should only be used in the case of gatefold LPs or LPs with lots of inserts that can fall out. Even then it is dubious. Americans need to get over their stupid attachment to shrink wrapping. That's my opinion, and it's true.


Mississippi Records started in 2003 as a Mom and Pop shop in Portland Oregon. The record label started in the first few months when store employee Alex Yusimov wanted to put out his solo LP. He asked if he could use the store address and name on the release, as he was more or less transient at the time, and the label was born.

The next two releases on the label were a cassette "zine" put together by Erin Yanke (who worked the counter at the shop) about an incident of Police brutality in Portland, a memorial LP for Orion, the O.G repair person at Mississippi, and an edition of 50 of a cassette by the Illegal Guardians (a sloppy punk band featuring Mississippi founder Eric Isaacson, Marisa Anderson and Rhythm Kennaly, who was 10 years old at the time).

Starting with the 5th Mississippi release I joined forces with a friend since teenage years named Warren Hill to release records in small editions, mainly for our own shops. Warren ran the Back Room Record and pastry shop in Montreal. In the early years, the label was a joint venture of sorts between myself, Alex and Warren. Nowadays Warren runs the Little Axe label and shop, Alex runs the Water Wing label and the Mississippi distribution center and I run the Mississippi shop and label.

Over the years, Mississippi has released over 230 records. We've relied heavily on co-releases with lots of labels such as Exiled, Domino Sound, Canary, Secret Seven, Yeti, Social Music, Sahel Sounds, K, KIll Rock Stars, Big Legal Mess, Nero's Neptune, Psychic Sounds, Sutro Park,Ajna Offensive, Bongo Joe, Singasongfighter, Olvido, Little Axe, Eggy and Water Wing.

The main goal of our label has been to make records available cheaply to the public that come from marginalized communities from around the world. We've done our best to pay all artists and their ancestors who can be found a full 50 -60% of all profits on any release - usually paying the royalty in advance.


We want to make a more aggressive attempt to connect directly with small like minded shops through this website. As hackneyed and precious as it may be interpreted, we actually believe that records can be powerful hoodoo totemistic and utilitarian objects that can further the development of culture, revolution and spirituality. They can be more than just cultural commodities.

In order for records to make sense as something of worth and part of a sustainable culture, we have to do our best to keep prices down and to make our shops as welcoming and connective as possible. Our distribution is an attempt to, in our small way, help your shop keep affordable interesting records on the shelf. We hope you pass all discounts on to your customers, champion records you love, return records you hate, and get overall excited about your very privileged job.

We are the song our enemy sings.


Mississippi does not use hard and fast release dates. We put stuff out as it comes, hell or high-water. Projects often get stalled and sometimes even come together earlier than we expected. Please be patient with us...

Thanks for working with us! We are honored to have so many great shops carry our product. To contact Mississippi about any matters not related to distribution, you can email me at - mississippierici@gmail.com

Please do not contact me about your orders, availability of titles, or anything having to do with the nuts and bolts of ordering records. I will not respond as I have no idea about any of that. All questions of this nature should be sent to Alex at mississippirecs@gmail.com

With love and rocks and gravel,
Eric Isaacson at Mississippi Records